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Welcome to the team Ruby Mittens

Yesterday, 8 August, was recognised around the globe as international cat day, and the XP team have quite the fitting announcement to mark the occasion.

With half the team holding the fort in the Italian office over the Summer, it’s not usually the time to be looking for new recruits. But sometimes, they come looking for you.

For a few days, Ian and Angelina could hear a woeful ‘meowing’ sound coming from somewhere near the office, which continued long enough to inspire a ‘cat hunt’. And, low and behold, hiding among the water pipes was a very scared, very skinny and very alone baby girl kitten.

We’re real animal enthusiasts here at XP (we have more pets than full time staff!), so she certainly came to the right place to be made to feel welcome. And welcome she is.

Introducing to you all: Miss Ruby Mittens.

A trip the vets confirmed that had she been alone for just 24 hours longer, she may not have survived the Italian heatwave. Some things are just meant to be, and she’s getting healthier and braver every day.

Guinness and Nutello have taken her under their wing (despite some initial nervous hissing), and Ian has a new desk buddy.

International Cat Day is a full 24 hours of recognition and veneration of one of humanity’s oldest and most beloved pets. The festivities were put together for the first time in 2002 by IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, among other animal rights groups, to celebrate the most popular pet on the planet.

Welcome to the team Ruby Mittens!

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