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That’s a wrap!

With the Xperiology team back in the office and finally recovered after another successful event, we’ve taken some time to reflect on how we wrap up an event and why it’s so important to do so (especially when it was such a great one)!

Here are a few things we ask ourselves:

Q: What went well? How can we ensure we repeat what ran so smoothly at every event going forward? 

A:  After each event, we hold a team meeting where we reflect on what worked (and what didn’t) and pull together notes for the future.

Q: What can we give our delegates in terms of post-event content, and how can we do this as efficiently as possible?

A: This one involves a lot of team work, which luckily is one of our strengths at team XP. We can turn this around in a few hours (not boasting)!

Q: How can we show those who weren’t there what they missed out on?!

A: During and after the event is generally the loudest we can be all year in terms of marketing. We shout on social media, share lots of pictures of the fun and post a round up on the event website.

Q: How can we do even better next time?

A: One key word will answer this question: FEEDBACK. Feedback in invaluable to us at team XP and we collect as much as we can whilst on site through conversation and the trusty feedback form. We’re always looking to improve, and who can suggest better ways than the experts that join us on site?

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