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Our support for EMERGENCY

Inspired by the work (and sad passing of) its Italian founder Gino Strada, Xperiology is supporting EMERGENCY – the global charity which operates a network of war surgery hospitals and First Aid Posts across Afghanistan and other territories where emergency healthcare is in dire demand.

We’ll be raising money for EMERGENCY at our events and offering our support to its efforts across our digital channels over the months ahead.

EMERGENCY provides free, high-quality, long-term sustainable healthcare around the world. Every minute, a patient is treated by EMERGENCY, but there are still so many more people that need help. To date, EMERGENCY has treated over 11 million victims of war, landmines and poverty.

To explain better what EMERGENCY does, here’s a letter from Dr. Khushal – one of its surgeons currently in the ‘front line’ in Afghanistan:

“I became a war surgeon because of the situation which is happening in Helmand province in Afghanistan.

In this situation, where we are battling war, a Surgical Centre like EMERGENCY’s has a huge impact, it’s a service for our poor people and injured people.

If EMERGENCY wasn’t here, our patients, our people, would fact big problems. They come to the hospital in really bad conditions. Our job and services are very important and necessary, especially in these critical conditions.

First of all, I turn to all the donors who help us: EMERGENCY’s is the biggest centre for war victims in the area and region. It’s really necessary for the donors to keep providing us with their help.

I can say the donors can be sure that the money they are going to EMERGENCY is being spent in a proper way, so I would like to tell them to keep going with their donations.

Thank you!”
– Dr Khushal. Surgeon at EMERGENCY’s Surgical Center for War Victims in Lashkar-Gah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan


Please support EMERGENCY’s life-saving work by Donating Here.



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