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Ticketmaster LiveAnalytics – Understanding and Profiling 11m Live Entertainment Ticket Buyers

Day Two of the programme for Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 will look to the Future, with discussions surrounding future challenges and opportunities for the industry, a showcase of emerging technologies, and new product launches… including the introduction of Ticketmaster LiveAnalytics to the UK market.

A division of Ticketmaster International, LiveAnalytics was launched in the US in 2011. Built on the foundation of the firm’s international data warehouse, and using robust demographics and scores, LiveAnalytics is a collection of rich analytics products that allow Ticketmaster’s clients to better understand and engage with their customers.

2013 sees the launch of LiveAnalytics to the UK market, and across all international territories. Utilising Ticketmaster UK’s 11m+ customer records, overlaid with in-house and licensed demographic profiling data, the tool will offer information on customer preferences, ticketing trends, industry benchmarks and other customized data to give clients unrivalled insight into how, where and to whom they should sell tickets.

And we are delighted to welcome Ticketmaster’s Sophie Crosby (VP, Live Analytics) and Louise Blake (Senior Business Analyst) to the programme at Ticketing Technology Forum 2013, to provide a live demo on how Ticketmaster clients are using the LiveAnalytics to profile their event audiences and laser target their marketing campaigns.

“We are really excited to be a part of the programme for Ticketing Technology Forum,” comments Sophie Crosby.

“This will be a great platform for us to give a live demonstration of LiveAnalytics and explain how we use it to profile our customers. We’re looking forward to seeing all delegates there.”

NB: Ticketmaster will also sponsor the Forum’s International Networking Reception; set to be held at The Cumberland Hotel’s Carbon Bar on the evening of 19 March 2013. Read more >




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