Bringing together Asia’s event, venue and entertainment leaders

We’re excited to see Asia open for business again after the shutdowns and restrictions over the global pandemic.

Our plans to build on the amazing success of our launch TheTicketingBusiness ASIA 2019 meeting in Hong Kong were – as with so many events organisers – scuppered early in 2020. We’ve waited three years to launch the second edition and finally, with Hong Kong open for business again, we can announce TheTicketingBusiness ASIA 2023 will return to the dynamic business capital on 17-18 October 2023.

Hong Kong v Singapore

Of course, we looked at alternative locations across Asia. In the end we were juggling between Singapore and Hong Kong – and have come down on the side of Hong Kong for 2023 edition.

Why? We had such a great event in 2019 (planning for a small 50-80 C-level gathering and instead reaching 200 registered with very short notice) that it makes sense to build on this initial foundation.

We also have established venue and hotel contracts in place – dusted down from 2020/21! – so we can launch more rapidly.

It’s also a more cost-effective destination now (whereas Singapore has been raising hotel and venue costs as it’s been ’the only game in town’ post-pandemic!) This is important for our sponsors and delegates. The sports, arts and entertainment sector certainly has the eyeballs and brands, it has never had the budgets of say finance or big pharma conferences when it comes to hotel rate or venue catering spend.

Using time wisely

And we weren’t ‘sitting on our hands’ during the event hiatus. We have built new databases and audience profiles both for TheTicketingBusiness ASIA and for a new TheStadiumBusiness ASIA meeting – which will combine the best of our well-established Business and Design/Dev summits to deliver the best content for the emerging stadium and arena sector across the region.

The addition of TheStadiumBusiness ASIA 2023 (on 19-20 October) running back-to-back with our second regional ticketing meeting will bring in more major venue C-levels from across the region, deliver more contacts and introductions and diversify the programming to appeal to the diversity of the regions sports, arts and entertainment markets.

More details and event registration on our web sites TheTicketingBusiness ASIA and TheStadiumBusiness ASIA.