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Celebrating 10 months of news reporting!

Ten months ago, the Xperiology team ventured into the world of news reporting, launching new services and to work alongside our global B2B meetings.

Through our meetings and events, we’ve been helping stadium and ticketing businesses for many years. We thought we should share some of the key news we receive everyday – and hired a small team of expert writers to cover the sectors, providing our fragmented industries with a single voice.

Our marketing team have been looking through the results of the first 10 months of service… and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Launched back in September, TheTicketingBusiness News is the industry’s first and only dedicated news service for live entertainment ticketing, covering everything from the latest techonology, legislation, and reports, to opinions and exclusive insights.

Today we delivered our 80th(!) newsletter to our global network of ticketing’s finest and we’re delighted to report an increase of 580% in new visitors, and a HUGE 800% jump in page views.

Shortly after launching our ticketing news site, we launched TheStadiumBusiness News to create a dedicated news service for professionals involved in the operation, design and development of the world’s major sports venues.

The service complements our two world-class industry meetings – TheStadiumBusiness Summit and TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit – and since its inception back in October, we are thrilled to report an increase of 469% in new visitors and an overwhelming 670% increase in page views.

With our first ‘news-birthdays’ coming up fast, we want to thank everyone for their support and continued readership. With plenty of new ideas in the pipeline to develop the services, we’ll report back on our first year in the coming months!

New to our news channels? All the stadium news here, all the ticketing news here!

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