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Two years ago with only a handful of ladies attending TheTicketingBusiness Forum (and with the company 50% founded by a female) we released we needed to do something to address this balance.
For 2019 we are delighted to announce that over 100 ladies will be attending the Forum in April! Our team made up of 3/4 ladies is thrilled with this.
The programme is much more balanced this year with Sukhinder Singh Cassidy headlining day two of the conference (Sukhinder founded theBoardlist, a talent marketplace that connects CEOs who are looking for qualified board director candidates with women who are peer-endorsed for private and public company board service).
Across many industries ladies are being appointed at high level positions, including CEO’s at companies such as Central England Co-operative, Nomura Asset Management, Revlon, Air France and General Motor’s to name just a few.

But there is still a long way to go… Fortune 500 companies have just 24 female CEOs.

We as a company will continue our hard work on the gender agenda!
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