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SPEAKER PREVIEW: The Future of Social Ticketing is already here

Few would question the power of Social Media for information dissemination, customer engagement and product recommendations. But its ability to translate these activities into manageable revenue streams for participating suppliers is still being explored.

Session 3 of Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 (‘Social Ticketing’) will concentrate on the development of ‘return paths’ within Social Media to ticket sales, showcasing some of the latest products to emerge within this specific field through live demonstrations… including Evento’s cloud-based social media solutions.

An Israeli-based startup, Evento is developing Facebook and mobile applications which help sports teams, entertainment venues and event promoters increase ticket sales through social media engagement.

The company’s primary product is a ‘Socially Smart,’ consumer-facing Facebook ticketing application with customizable event promotion capabilities.

“Evento was conceived to enable fan to see which of their friends are attending events and where they are sitting, and to order tickets next to their friends; all within Facebook,” explains Ophir Zardok, Evento’s founder, who will present the demonstration at the Forum.

An entrepreneur with a diverse background combining both IT and sports management, Zardok has built the company based on his experience and expertise.

“Events are, by their nature, social,” continues Zardok.

“Many teams and venues have a strong presence on Facebook; they spend a fortune to position themselves on Facebook; they have millions of fans following every post on their walls.

“So, why not create a Facebook event, promote it and sell tickets to the fans on Facebook without making them leave the platform?”

“As I’ll be explaining at the Forum, monetizing social media activity is a key opportunity for teams, venues and events… and I look to demonstrating how Evento helps to do this!”

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