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SPEAKER PREVIEW: The Convergence of Mobile & Social in ticketing

The last few years have seen massive innovation in the mobile commerce market. With handsets now more functional than ever before, they are playing a larger part in more aspects of our daily lives.

Five years ago who would have thought we’d be using our mobiles to buy tickets?

“Mobile is now a fundamental part of any social experience,” comments Jason Legg, Commercial Manager at Ticketscript, who will join our presentation line up on Day One of Ticketing Technology Forum 2013.

“Events are the pinnacle of social interaction and those companies and brands that can successful marry social, mobile, and ticketing, stand to benefit hugely”.

Jason will be showcasing Ticketscript’s integration of Apple’s Passbook, allowing customers an innovative storage solution to receive electronic versions of their tickets and storing them in one place.

Apple’s development of Passbook clearly shows how important they feel mobile will be for ticketing and this is reflected in Ticketscript’s early adoption of this software, says Jason.

“People want to be able to buy tickets quickly and securely through devices they feel comfortable with. Passbook’s ability to store these tickets safely on the buyer’s mobile coupled with Ticketscript’s fully optimised mobile ticketshop gives event organisers a highly sophisticated, but simple, ticket selling platform.”

“It’s easy to see how mobile and social are converging,” continues Jason.

“From buying a ticket on your mobile, to tweeting the purchase to friends, to showing as attending on Facebook, the social world is more connected. Offering ticket buyers functionality that augments and adds value to this process can only help conversion rate and repeat purchases.”

Pictured: Ticketscript’s integration of Apple’s Passbook





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