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SPEAKER PREVIEW: Planes and Games – lessons in customer service and visitor experiences

The programme for the 2013 edition of Premium Seat Seminar will include an expert voice from outside the sports hospitality sector; with delegates invited to take in some ‘blue sky’ thinking on customer service and visitor experiences.

Our guest speaker, Dee Cooper, is the former Director of Product and Service for Virgin Atlantic Airways. In her time with VAA, she was responsible for managing the entire customer experience – ensuring it was the best in the industry – and helped to deliver many of the airline’s innovative successes, including the Upper Class Wing, overseas Clubhouses and most famously the £105m Upper Class Cabin.

Now, Cooper has set up Decide Consulting Ltd with the ambition to take her great expertise in developing an experiential and challenger brand into new industry sectors.

And, at Premium Seat Seminar 2013 in Manchester, Cooper will join the international programme line up as a guest speaker to explore the lessons that the sports sector’s premium seat, suite and hospitality market may take from experience businesses such as airlines to increase customer demand and build loyalty: inspiring venues to build brand experience, and delight current and future customers.

Dee will also share her recent experience of being part of the London 2012 team who raised the bar for future Games and put spectators at the heart of the offer.

Exploring the premium seat sector’s latest trends, winning strategies and business ideas, and bringing together industry leaders and practitioners from North America and Europe, the total focus of Premium Seat Seminar is on driving premium seat business, improving customer service and building loyalty in the highly-competitive sports hospitality market.



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About the speaker:

DeeCooper-150pxBuilding on her years of working in numerous roles for Virgin Atlantic Airways, Dee Cooper has great expertise in delivering the brand into the daily customer experience. After joining Virgin Atlantic in 1995, with a BSc degree in Industrial Design from Brunel University, Cooper went on lead many of the airlines innovative successes, including the Upper Class Wing, overseas Clubhouses and most famously £105M Upper Class Cabin.

Serving initially as head of the Design Team, Dee would go on to head the airline’s Product division; bringing commercial analysis and competitive appraisal of Virgin Atlantic’s products, winning multiple awards and playing an instrumental role in VAA’s commercial successes. Latterly, as Director of Product and Service, reporting to the COO, she was responsible for managing the entire customer experience, ensuring it was the best in the industry.

Since founding Decide Consulting Ltd, Cooper has worked with telecoms, travel, technology and restaurant businesses, helping them to understand and manage their brands, and redefine their customer offer. Her most prestigious and recent client was the London Olympic and Paralympic Organising Committee, where she worked with the Spectator Experience team in the final delivery of the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ ensuring spectators were put at the heart of the experience and entertained across Olympic Park and Venues.