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Fan Experience Forum

SPEAKER PREVIEW: Systems Thinking – A Different Customer Experience Approach for a Service Organisation

What can sports organisations learn from other industry verticals? At Fan Experience Forum 2013, we are delighted to welcome Rob Wilson, Global Head of Systems Thinking at Aviva to the international conference programme, to offer an ‘outside voice’ on improving the customer experience.

The session will examine how Aviva – the world’s 6th largest insurance provider – is transforming its global customer service operations through ‘Systems Thinking’: a way of looking at a business from a customer’s perspective, and challenging the traditional logic about how a service organisation should be run.

“‘Systems thinking’ was really born out of the idea that traditional thinking about the design and management of service organisations actually makes service worse, from a customer’s point of view,” explains Rob.

“Functionalised structures; targets; incentives; front office/back office; automation…..these “command and control” approaches and management interventions are typically based on notions of ‘lean’ or ‘six sigma’; but this is a manufacturing mind-set that doesn’t apply well in service organisations.”

“Making cars and dealing with living customers in a call centre environment, or in a physical service encounter, are fundamentally different things.”

Customer satisfaction and employee engagement

Working with the Vanguard organisation, Aviva first started rolling out a Systems Thinking approach within its UK Business Operations five years ago; fundamentally transforming their performance.

“The results that we’ve seen across the business in the UK have been exceptional,” continues Rob.

“The two metrics that we always see increase significantly when we’ve introduced Systems Thinking to an area are customer satisfaction ratings, which we measure through Net Promoter Score, and also employee engagement scores. But we also see substantial cost savings and revenue growth, as we focus on doing what matters to the customer, and cut out unnecessary activity.”

“Whatever the context, service organisations essentially have common challenges; improving service in the face of growing customer expectations and budgetary limitations.”

“We have real evidence that Systems Thinking can fundamentally improve service operations. And I look forward to sharing our story in Manchester.”

Hosted at Manchester City FC’s Etihad Stadium on 5 June, Fan Experience Forum 2013 will explore the latest trends, winning strategies and business ideas to enhance the fan’s event experience.



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About the speaker:

FXF-RobWilsonRob Wilson has over 15 years’ experience leading large operational and contact centre teams with Aviva and RAC.

He is passionate about creating an environment where employees and customers are the priority.

After successfully transforming the performance of Aviva’s biggest UK Contact Centre operation in 2012, Rob is currently working with teams across Aviva’s global customer service operations, using Systems Thinking methodology to improve the way that Aviva serves its customers around the world.