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Xperiology Event Donations to help “restore BAC to its former glory”!

Battersea Arts Centre has received a £600 donation from the delegates and organisers of Ticketing Technology Forum (Xperiology) after it was hit by a devastating fire last month.

The fire took place on March 13 and resulted in the destruction of The Grand Hall,while the Lower Hall also suffered severe damage. Although two-thirds of the front of the venue were undamaged, Battersea Arts Centre estimates it will take three years before The Grand Hall is rebuilt.

“We decided to ask for donations in return for admission to our St Paddy’s night networking party at Ticketing Technology Forum – and I must report that BAC is much-loved and respected by venues/arts bodies throughout Europe,” said Ian Nuttall, Founder, Xperiology.

“We hope this helps to restore BAC to its former glory,” he added.

Upon hearing of the donation, Phillip Payne, Box Office Manager, Battersea Arts Centre, commented: “That’s wonderful news – thank you all so much!”.

He continued… “We are pushing forward with the many challenges the fire has created, and I have to say that the enormous support that we’ve received from so many quarters has really helped us through these difficult times, so it really does mean a lot to us.”

“Please pass on the gratitude of all of us here to everyone involved at Xperiology and Ticketing Technology Forum.”

Rosie Spiegelhalter, Development, Battersea Arts Centre, said: “Your kind donations will be immediately put to use help keep our building open, bring in staff to cover the additional workload and source temporary spaces to take the Grand Hall’s shows in the coming months.”

Utilising the #BACPhoenix hashtag, the venue is keeping a show must go on attitude but it still needs help.


An update from David Jubb: Six ways to help

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