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SPEAKER PREVIEW: Peachinc – Bar Code Ticketing Technology for the mobile phone

One of the most advanced ticketing companies in the world, Peachinc’s mobile SMS/text tickets can only be redeemed once.

At Ticketing Technology Forum in London, we are delighted to welcome Peachinc’s CEO Mark Mantock and Technical Director Dr Daniel Morris to the international programme for Day One: Today, to explain the development and launch of the MorrisCode – the only bar code technology that has been specifically designed for mobile ticketing.

“We’re excited about the Forum,” comments Mantock, “And delighted to be able to showcase the MorrisCode to our colleagues in the sector.”

Together, Mark and Dr Morris (a specialist in Image Technology) will offer a comparative analysis of the different types of barcode in the marketplace, why PeachInc developed the MorrisCode, and some of the technical aspects of the development.

“Many systems claim many things but we are confident the Morris Code coupled with our reading devices (i.e.Kiosks, Android and Tablets) is second to none for any electronic device used for image verification,” continues Mark.

In video: An introduction to Peachinc

Peachinc will also detail how the firm’s mobile ticketing system has been implemented (in partnership with local client RPM-Mena) for the Saudi Professional League (SPL), as well as offering comment on current and future developments in mobile ticketing.

“It’s a really interesting time in the live entertainment ticketing sector,” adds Mark.

I think it’s a ‘no-brainer’ that there will be a strong move towards mobile as the dominant method of ticketing, particularly for the live entertainment sector – not just because younger consumers are so mobile-savvy, and prefer mobile ticketing, but also because there will be significant cost reductions in terms of producing the tickets.”

“But there are challenges ahead. Certainly, having read John Pinchbeck’s Discussion Paper on the Secondary Market, I think that event organisers will eventually have relationships with mobile ticketing operators. That will have a big impact on the market.”

“Schumpeter’s “perennial gale of creative destruction” is blowing through the ticketing industry. So, it’s a great time to be discussing the technologies that are available in the sector, and how we should be collectively implementing and adapting to these technologies in order to thrive.”




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