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#SBS TheStadiumBusiness Summit

PREVIEW: Allianz covers the names of stadiums across the globe

Earlier this week it was announced that Allianz had entered into an agreement to name Sao Paulo’s new outdoor stadium. The stadium currently known as Nova Arena is now under construction.

The new outdoor stadium can hold 45,000 fans for football, 60,000 fans for concerts, and also has the flexibility to host special events with capacities from 12,000-30,000.

  • Where will Allianz go next?
  • Why are Allianz expanding their portfolio?
  • What is the strategy behind the sponsorship branding?

With naming rights no longer being simply a ‘name above the door’, these agreements increasingly cover a broad range of sponsorship branding, activation and engagement.

Our panel discussion featuring Dr. Christian Deuringer, Global Brand Management, Allianz SE, Germany charts the evolution of stadium and arena naming rights and explores the future direction of these special mass-sponsorship relationships.



More about the speaker:

Christian joined the Marketing division of Allianz SE in Munich in 2003 as Senior Brand Manager. Today, he is heading the Global Brand Management Team (Strategy, Governance, Advertising, Media and Sponsoring).

Christian is an expert on holistic Brand Management and Marketing Strategies. He studied economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and holds an Ph.D. degree on Change Management.