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#SBS TheStadiumBusiness Summit

Winners in a lockdown? TheStadiumBusiness Awards 2020

With our stadiums shuttered, our colleagues furloughed (or out of work) and our fans stuck at home, is this the right time to be celebrating the stadium sector’s achievements?

Last night we should have celebrated these people and venues at our annual Awards dinner during TheStadiumBusiness Summit. Alas, no dinner this year.

We debated holding off. But, despite the current lockdown, we believe it’s right to announce the Winners now: it’s fair for all those that nominated, for the finalists who deserve a result, and for the efforts of our international judging panel which evaluated and voted on the shortlists.

We also believe that by showcasing the fine work of the entries during 2019 we offer now plenty of ideas and inspiration for when we can ‘get back to business’ and our venues re-open.

Congratulations to all our deserving Finalists and the Winners.

They offer us memories of – and inspiration for – better times.