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Bring on the clowns!

The Xperiologists celebrated delivering Nordic Venue Forum 2016 in Malmö – our first event of the 2016 roster – with a team lunch and an early finish on Friday, along with a surprise visit by Shuna, the professional face painter.

Callum Legg, Business Development Manager enjoying his transformation…

Angelina served up an Italian feast with prosciutto and mozzarella starters, followed by homemade pasta and meatballs. Meanwhile, as we tucked into the lunch and recounted tales of last week in Malmö, we took it in turns to select suitable characters for Shuna’s artistic efforts.

It got us thinking how often in business – particularly in this era of digitised, virtual communications – we may come across as someone completely different in online relationships. Interestingly, the Italian word for mask is mascara – hence the makeup terminology – but it is in the real world that we build true and meaningful relationships.

After gathering together leaders from venues across the Nordic region in real-time, for face-to-face learning, it’s important to bear in mind that while we market and promote all our events online, we do indeed deliver our events in person. Often the people you get to meet are totally different from initial perceptions.

The true test of an Xperiologist is to deliver the same high standard of communications online but also in person. Masks off!


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