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Football, Fans and Finance

An interesting topic right now is the 2016-2019 new cash injection the will be given to the Premier League through TV rights.

There has been no hiding the fact that over £5 billion (over 3 years) has been spent by broadcasters to showcase future Premier League fixtures, but what implications does this have on the clubs and the fans?

The domestic rights for each club could be in the region of £80-£100 million per club, per season with around 95% of domestic TV revenues being forwarded to clubs themselves, and this is before ticket or merchandise sales are even added.

The champions will now potentially earn over £150m in prize money.

It is predicted from this that all 20 clubs could break into the top 30 richest clubs in the world showing the increased importance to stay in England’s top flight division.

Interestingly enough this is still far less than the largest TV deal for the NFL (£3.2 billion per year).

A side positive of this is the £85 million per year being invested into grass root football, something Britain has been wanting for a number of years after the success across Europe, most notably in  Spain and Germany.

With Premier League clubs spending around 70% of their income on wages, fans can only assume the increased revenue will lead to their clubs signing higher class players and the league’s competitiveness growing which has been displayed already in the 2015 season.

The Premier League believe it could end up with a reduction in ticket costs, something all fans hope for but whether this happens remains to be seen….

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