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A homely Christmas do

We decided for the office Christmas party this year, to recreate everyone’s favourite part of the festive season… being at home!

The rennovation project of XP Headquarters is very almost complete now, meaning that many of the rooms, namely the family room, are finished and have been moved into.

We’re real home bodies at heart, so it was nice to take the pressure off from having a ‘big night out’ and just chill together. With our secret Santa presents laid out under the 7ft tree, nibbles and bubbles were served, slippers were worn and Christmas music filled the house.


Josephina was most excited as she knew that the biggest present was for her… when you’re two, size matters. The team had kept up the challenge of the most/best gifts that can be purchased for £10 and we did a really good job of filling the rather large Santa sacks. The star of the show had to be the 5ft Frozen cardboard cutout for Josie, which she spent the rest of the evening talking to as thought they were her new friends.


After the present opening – featuring a back scratcher, cocktail making kit, candles and a learn-to-speak Spanish bundle amongst other weird and wonderful finds – everyone chilled on the sofa to watch everyone’s favourite Christmas movie, Elf.


Dinner, courtesy of Angelina, was another Italian feast whilst we tried our hand at playing well-known songs with our christmas cracker whistles – not our forté, but good fun none-the-less.

It may not have been the typical office Christmas party you see in the pub, but we all thought it was better. Everyone left full of food and with armfuls of gifts – exactly how Christmas should be.


Had your Christmas party yet? Tell us about how yours went!

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