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New Year, New Websites!

In a world completely saturated with information, we know the importance of keeping our online presence fresh and easily digestible for our audience. And so, during the quiet period over the Christmas break we took the opportunity to give ourselves a bit of a virtual makeover – with two new sites now up and running.

Through our meetings and events, we’ve been helping ticketing businesses for many years. We thought we should share some of the key news we receive everyday – and a few months ago, hired a small team of expert writers to cover the sector.

We launched a trial site back in September – – and almost instantly realised that the channel would develop at great speed. So, we brought in the help of our favourite techy, Glen Wheeler, to revamp and open up the site to allow for our natural growth. Introducing


Previously we had not been able to find a single channel for the industry to read (or contribute to) the latest news in ticketing – we set out to change that. Although still in its infancy, the channel has attracted some 4,000+ readers and our following is steadily climbing.

Join us! If you have a great ticketing technology news feed, blog, podcast or video channel that you’d like us to include in TheTicketingBusiness – or if you have any suggestions of new topics that you’d like us to report on – then please email us with your ideas!

Now in its eighth year, our world-class meeting for stadia professionals has grown to become one of the most respected in the sector. It therefore only seemed right that our ‘shop window’ received some lovely new updates for the new year.

Optimised, clean and fresh, our new site allows our visitors to retrieve all the information they need on the world’s leading stadia meeting quickly – as we know that these business leaders are very busy folk.

We stripped out the garble, kept all the vital stuff and tidied up so that our customer journey was as streamlined as possible. Check it out below:


Any thoughts on the new sites? Let us know, we love feedback!

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