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(Secret) Santa’s Been!

It’s not long until the XP team downs tools for a well-deserved Christmas break as we shutdown to enjoy some family time. So we’re doing our sercret Santa gifts today!

The challenge was simple: the most/best presents you can get to fill a Santa sack on a budget of just £10.

With a very small (but mighty) team of four people, we had to take away the surprise element of Secret Santa so we thought we’d throw in an extra twist so there was still an element of the unknown on the day.


Everyone has played their part and our office Christmas tree is now surrounded but lots of wrapped treats! The plan for later is to exchange gifts and settle down to watch everyone’s favourite Christmas movie, Elf.

Not saying it’s about the competition (it is), of course it’s the giving that counts… but it’ll be interesting to see how everyone did with their Apprentice-esque budget challenge this year.

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