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Xperiology move into spacious, contemporary new office (and welcome two new additions to the team!)

Decked in our most comfortable clothes, the team at Xperiology recently undertook the exciting task of packing away their Hove office to move ten doors down the road to a much larger, more spacious area.

The new office boasts beautiful marble floors, vintage glass chandeliers and three floors of beautiful space, making room for a new meeting area, a staff room, plus new offices for Xperiology Founders Ian Nuttall and Angelina Tennino.

Speaking on the move, Angelina said: “We are entering a new phase at Xperiology and with plans to increase our portfolio of events, we require a brand new space to help these exciting plans flourish.”

XP Offices

Fruit bowl

Joining their new offices are the latest signings to the Xperiology team, Nutello and Guinness. Eager to learn the events industry, Guinness and Nuttello took instantly to their new office by imitating guard dogs and tempting snacks away from other members of staff.

Because of this, a fruit basket has now been introduced to the office, for which they are less interested in.

The team are now putting the finishing touches to their annual meeting for the entertainment industry, The LEVEL Summit 2013, 26-27th November at The Cumberland, London, whilst launching the annual Ticketing Technology Forum (18-19 March 2014, London) and the Nordic Venue Forum (9-10 April 2014, Stockholm).

Keep an eye on the Xperiology website for latest updates on all of our events and happenings with the team. More on the Xperiologists here.

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