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Saving lives in a Sea of Indifference

Featured image credit: Davide Preti for EMERGENCY

Featured image credit: Davide Preti for EMERGENCY

As we head into 2024 with a full roster of meetings scheduled across our portfolio in Manchester and Hong Kong, we continue our commitment to our charity partner EMERGENCY and the incredible work it does to save lives in conflict zones and humanitarian disasters.

In 2023, through ‘e-tin rattling’ and Awards nominations campaigns we raised over £4,370 for the charity from our event attendees and online audience. This sum we promised to match-fund – and with some additional donations from other activities – resulting in a total donation of £9,150 to EMERGENCY.

“A huge huge thank you for Xperiology’s incredible support of EMERGENCY over the years. It really is just so appreciated and is making such a remarkable difference for people in need for free, high-quality care that helps for the long-term,” says our friends at EMERGENCY. “We can’t wait to see what we achieve together next year and beyond!”

On that note, for 2024 we have set the goal of £12,000. It’s the sort of sum that will help establish not just vital emergency support but also help build medical facilities and train people to operate them. That’s the real legacy goal.

We will continue with the Donation for a Nomination campaigns – as well as the CollecTin donation devices during the meetings.

And why?

Well, the answer is easy… Just watch the video, then send EMERGENCY a donation too.