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Xperiology at The Fan Engagement Meeting

Several leaders in the world of fan experience gathered at the Kia Oval, London, 01 May 2014, to catch up with fellow practitioners, hear from some leading lights and contemplate the lovely view out of the Long Room window.

Xperiologist Matthew Wall decided to go along to the meeting and catch up with friends, other enthusiasts in the world of fan experience, and even some of our speakers at the fast approaching Fan Experience Forum 2014.

Mark Bradley, Founder of The Fan Experience Company, gave us a brief introduction of the state of fan engagement. “It’s about sustainable sports growth, we need to move away from being dependent on winning and discounting”.

“It’s not just about doing things better, but also about doing them differently. This will reinforce the club’s unique selling points and cement the fan relationship”, he added.

Julian Jenkins, Head of International Development at Cardiff City, then gave an inspiring presentation of his journey at Cardiff City Football Club. He shared a simple but effective process on how he has “won the hearts and minds” of Cardiff fans.

Finally, Chris Rivett, Managing Director of Final Third Sports Media shared some astounding facts and figures based upon the idea of dual screens and social platforms within sport. “63% of us browse sports social media at a game”.

He also shared a quote from Sean Casey, Senior VP at the New York Times. “Sports events generate close to 60% of Twitter activity”. It’s certainly clear to see, social media and technology will play a big part in the future of fan engagement and fan experience.

Join us at Fan Experience Forum 2014 as we explore the latest trends, winning strategies and business ideas to enhance the sports fan visitor experience – before, during and after the game! Book your seat here.

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