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Why TTF? A short Q&A with John Pinchbeck

Xperiology has partnered with John Pinchbeck, Principal of, to advise and guide Ticketing Technology Forum’s content, programming and discussions. But why is he getting involved? We asked a few questions…

What’s your role in Ticketing Technology Forum?

JP: “I’ll be drafting the key conference themes, helping Xperiology to identify the key industry trends and subjects to feature in the conference and also Chairing the Advisory Panel. Encompassing a broad range of ticket-related technical knowledge and practical experience, the members of the TTF Advisory Panel will provide strategic advice on conference content, determine ‘best of breed’ product features for inclusion in the live presentations, and also provide ‘quality control’ on discussions and debates at the Forum. We’ve all attended conference workshops that feel like they’ve been hurriedly thrown together with little forethought, contain a fair amount of waffle with little real insight, do not encourage real debate and have no follow up once the conference is over. The Advisory Panel will ensure we have relevant and insightful content, presentations and discussions in the programme in London, and will monitor the online forum before, during and after the conference.”

What are the big technological developments in the sector?

JP: “These are exciting times for live entertainment ticketing as Mobile platforms, Social Media, NFC, Dynamic Pricing and Cloud Computing are starting to converge and new national and international partners are starting to emerge. We are about to witness a revolution in the way tickets and events are marketed, sold, delivered and consumed.”

What’s different about Ticketing Technology Forum?

JP: “The concept behind the Ticketing Technology Forum was presented to me by a group of suppliers who were frustrated with the level of exposure and debate being given to technological innovation within our industry. After many more discussions with other suppliers, venues, consultants and rights-holders that concept has evolved into what we believe is a compelling live event, supported – and enhanced – by online discussion, debate and product updates before, during and after the Forum”

“Almost every other technology sector has a high-level meeting where strategy, commerce and technology converge. We believe it is time for the ticketing sector to join them.”

How will Ticketing Technology Forum help grow the market?

JP: “To outside observers the live entertainment ticketing industry can be viewed as archaic, perplexing and impenetrable. It is certainly quite specialised and quite insular. But new applications and technological goals are helping to bring the industry together and to open it up to new partnerships.”

What are you expecting from the first Ticketing Technology Forum?

JP: “It will be so exciting to bring the whole industry together, to showcase the latest innovations, share ideas, foster new partnerships, and look forward to future challenges and opportunities.”

Thank you!


John Pinchbeck has 22 years’ ticketing industry experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Consultancy. He has worked for venues, ticket agencies, system suppliers, and for seven years as a freelance consultant. His work has taken him across Europe and into North America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

John is fortunate to have been involved in the deployment of computerised ticketing systems from their first introduction through to this new generation of extremely complex CRM-based products with fully integrated online, mobile, affiliate and social media platforms. Enabling technologies that are converging on a live entertainment industry buoyed by the decline in recorded music sales and the birth of social media – where price and promotional flexibility, extensive distribution and mobile applications will be required to combat economic downturns.

John is the Founder of (TCC) which specialises in emerging technologies, applications and practices.

TCC is a group of seasoned professionals with a wide range of practical experience in sales, operations, marketing, system development and consultancy roles. TCC offers specialist advice on all aspects of ticketing and ticketing-related services across Sport, Performing Arts, Concerts, Visitor Attractions and Ticket Agencies. Its particular focus is on the commercial sector and the fields of market entry, mobile and social ticketing, regional and national networks and dynamic pricing.

The firm also helps organisations get the most out of established technologies, and address traditional business needs via operational audits, marketing reviews, feasibility studies, market research and assistance with recruitment and project management.

SAVE THE DATES: Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 will take place in London, 19-20 March. More details at

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