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SPEAKER PREVIEW: TALENT’ed Mobile Ticketing in Sport

While the promotion, sale and delivery of live entertainment tickets via mobile devices appears to be an obvious fit, to date there have been many barriers to entry.

Session 1 of Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 will explore products that are addressing some of these challenges… including IRIS Ticketing’s TALENTed Mobile Ticketing System.

Maximising revenues and customer service

In addition to being fully optimised for mobile devices and integrated with social media channels, IRIS Ticketing’s resilient, multi-platform solutions are proving to help clubs and events fully maximise revenue and customer service opportunities online.

“The market for ticketing at events has changed over recent years as we’ve seen a consistent increase and trend towards offerings moving online,” explains Mark Dewell, Managing Director of IRIS Ticketing.

“A significant part of this trend is in the increased uptake of mobile. Mobile internet is fast becoming the browsing choice for more and more people, and our customers have already seen large increases in transactions through mobile devices.”

“In the sports market for example, supporters want to be able to purchase tickets whenever and wherever they are and want to use their mobile devices to do this whilst on the go. It’s crucial that sports clubs can meet this demand and have access to the right technology to support mobile transactions. We have created a seamless online experience for clubs to stay ahead of the curve and now have a growing list of customers launching mobile optimised ticketing sites”

“As the trend of purchasing through mobile devices online continues to accelerate, venues and events providers need to ensure they’re ready to take full advantage by providing a seamless browsing and online purchasing experiences for their customers or face getting left behind.”

Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 explores, debates and showcases the latest trends, innovations and technologies that will deliver the next generation of live entertainment ticketing solutions.




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PICTURED: IRIS Ticketing’s TALENTed Mobile Ticketing System
Images courtesy IRIS Ticketing

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