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Speaker Preview: Harvey Goldsmith CBE to Deliver Keynote Address

We are delighted to announce, Harvey Goldsmith CBE, the legendary producer and promoter of rock concerts, charity events and television broadcasts will be delivering a keynote address at The LEVEL Summit 2013 in London (26-27 November).

In his address, our speaker will explore how to create and innovate the most exhilarating experiences, as well as discussing the future of live entertainment venues. Harvey’s keynote address will also cover:

  • Where audiences are heading?
  • The changing barriers between artists and audience?
  • What events has he been to that have really impressed him and how does the industry need to react to stay ahead?


About Harvey Goldsmith CBE

Harvey Goldsmith has produced, managed and promoted shows with most of the world’s major artists, including Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Luciano Pavarotti, The Bee Gees, Cirque du Soleil; and the Princes’s Trust and Live 8.

In 1978, Harvey Goldsmith promoted the first major global TV event The Concert for Kampuchea at Hammersmith Odeon featuring Paul McCartney, Queen and The Who, which raised over $2 million from worldwide sales to benefit the victims of Pol Pot’s reign of terror in Cambodia and in 1985, Harvey Goldsmith organized the now historic Live Aid concert with Bob Geldof which raised £140 million for famine relief in Ethiopia and became an inspiration for hundreds of similar concert events.

As part of HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in May 2012, Harvey received The Diamond Award, for his contribution to The Arts.

Join in the discussion with Harvey Goldsmith CBE at The LEVEL Summit 2013. Click here for more information on delegate packages.