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ANZ Stadium set for AU$250m redevelopment

A $250 million upgrade is being planned for Sydney’s largest sporting arena, ANZ Stadium, featuring moveable stands at the northern and southern ends and a retractable roof.

With Sydney’s sporting scene more vibrant than ever venue management are making sure they’re not left behind. Sydney Cricket Ground is undergoing a multi-million dollar redevelopment that will further entrench it as one of the world’s great sporting grounds.

The state government has announced it is investigating building or upgrading an existing western Sydney venue. Parramatta, Penrith and Campbelltown are in the running for the new 40,000 seat stadium.

ANZ Stadium management is developing a plan to have the northern and southern seating bowls slide in and out for a rectangular playing field that would brings fans to within 5m of the action.

The masterplan includes:

  • A retractable see-through roof, the foundations of which are already in place;
  • Steeper seating at the northern and southern ends that would be part of the movable stands. This, officials say, would enhance atmosphere and bring supporter groups closer to the action;
  • Glass-fronted indoor bars and cafes on level two; and
  • Working with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority to create new precinct destinations on game-days, so fans can arrive earlier and stay later.

TDS13 ANZ Stadium Image

Artist’s impressions of the ANZ Stadium upgrade with moveable grandstands Source: The Daily Telegraph

Daryl Kerry, the managing director of ANZ Stadium, said weather-proofing the stadium was vital so that it continued to attract world-class sporting and entertainment events.

“Putting a roof on the stadium will weather-proof the major events going forward, while moving stands north and south will create an even more dramatic atmosphere.

“Everyone who has watched the Sydney Olympic Park precinct grow as a destination since the 2000 Olympic Games should be excited about the vision for the Stadia Precinct. These are developments that will change Sydney forever.”

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