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Sampling the delights of Brighton

We have a rule here at Xperiology. A tradition, you could say. Every last Friday of the month, we place the responsibility on one member of our team to plan a day of fun for the whole team.

This month, it was our Business Development Manager Sharna Leggott’s turn to entertain the team.

Dubbed ‘The Brighteam Summit’, Sharna took inspiration from our TheStadiumBusiness events to create a day that highlighted all that the wonderful city of Brighton had to offer. This included a spot of lunch at the famous Regency Fish and Chip restaurant, a trip to Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, a pub-stop and a cooking lesson at the famous Recipease: Jamie Oliver restaurant.

The Regency Restaurant remains one of the oldest and most popular seafront restaurants of its kind, offering its customers quality and value for money since the 1930’s.

“Having stood the test of time, The Regency has successfully created a reputation as the go-to restaurant for quality fish and chips on the seafront. We believe this is down to their focus on the customer experience and also the ability to adapt to changing expectations of their audiences – a great model for any business to follow,” Director Angelina Tennino commented.

Customer experience

The Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is a beautiful 19th century listed building set in the heart of the city’s cultural quarter. Its rich collections and exciting exhibits are dynamically displayed in stimulating surroundings for the public to enjoy at free charge.

untitledNext stop was a quick pit-stop at the Brighton-staple that is The Prince Albert Pub (once home to Banksy’s “kissing coppers” art graffiti) to admire the impressive music mural that sits on the side of their building. Bob Marley, John Lennon, Ian Curtis and Freddy Mercury are just some of the 24 famous faces on the Prince Albert pub’s new wall of fame. You can read more about the mural by clicking here.

To end what had been a great day, we were treated to a cooking lesson at the Recipease: Jamie Oliver Kitchen situated in Hove. Strapped into our aprons, the team were instructed on how to create authentic Vietnamese Street Food• dish by those who had been taught by world-famous chef Jamie Oliver. Much fun was had by the whole team, with some dishes turning out better than others!

Keep an eye on our website for the next installment of ‘Xperiology’s monthly outing’ plus all of the latest news and announcements from Xperiology. More on the Xperiologists here.

*It was truly authentic street food experience (with several of the team suffering food poisoning. Thanks Jamie!)

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