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SPONSOR NEWS: Revolutionising Bowling, one customer at a time!

In a climate where businesses in the leisure market are constantly competing for their portion of the ‘leisure pound’, it is paramount that they make the customer experience as memorable as possible.

Green 4 Leisure (part of Green 4 Solutions) is the CRM market leader within the Sport and Leisure industry and have successfully enabled The Origonal Bowling Company, the largest tenpin bowling operator in the UK, to innovate in its sales and booking process, CRM and eCommunications.

From its 25 Hollywood Bowl and 19 AMF Bowling centres, The Original Bowling Company (TOBC) aims to provide the UK’s Number One tenpin bowling experience and deliver it consistently across every one of its venues.

lvl13 - Bowling Green 4 Comms

For many customers bowling seems to be an occasional activity. Although 9 out of 10 people ‘love bowling’, and the UK’s changeable weather often provides a good reason to go, the average customer attends only 1.1 times per year; attendance can only be characterised as unpredictable and irregular.

Maximising revenue

Revenue for TOBC was maximised through allowing the business to understand the habits and behavior of their customers. Green 4 Leisure provided the functionality to manage and automate email campaigns, boosting attendance, increasing spending and promoting brand loyalty.

With all of its data accessible from the central CRM database, TOBC accurately measures ROI and determines the value it derives from its integrated CRM strategy. The Original Bowling Company reported total revenue up 5% in the 6 months to March 2012, and further interim financial performance reports indicate total revenue is now increased to 7%.

The business could be said to be outperforming the market, as this comes at a time when other operators report significant falls in revenue and have sought to structure debt repayments and ward off insolvency.

Green 4’s client base now includes over 150 worldwide clients from a number of sports, associations, national governing bodies, leisure venues and entertainment businesses.

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