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PREVIEW: Cloud Computing – The New Normal

“I’d be very surprised if, in five years’ time, ticketing software is being delivered in any way other than in the cloud.”

That’s the view of James Baggaley, Head of Marketing and Sales at Spektrix; the latest addition to the international programme for the inaugural Ticketing Technology Forum (19- 20 March 2012, London).

Suppliers of powerful, web-based, box office software for the arts sector, Spektrix was founded in 2007 and now works with over 100 arts and cultural organisations around the UK, as well as in Spain.

At Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 in London, Baggaley (alongside Managing Director Michael Nabarro) will join the speaking line up on Day One of the conference programme to present ‘Cloud Computing; The New Normal’. The presentation will offer a concise explanation and analysis of cloud computing from a technical and commercial standpoint, focusing on its relevance to the ticketing sector.

“The advent and adoption of cloud computing is a massive change in information technology; perhaps the biggest change since the creation of the internet,” explains Baggaley.

“Of course, this change comes with numerous challenges, but also opens up a huge number of opportunities.”

“Arts and entertainment organisations now have the ability to implement ticketing and CRM system where installation is as easy as opening a web browser, where complicated tasks can take just a matter of seconds and where they can access their ticketing and customer data from any location with an internet connection.”

Important and under-stated benefits

In London, Baggaley and Nabarro will discuss some of the most important and under-stated benefits of running a ticketing system in the cloud: not least the ease of new system deployment, and the power of multi-tenancy.

“With cloud-based ticketing systems, rather than having to spend lots of time and money, installing, maintaining, upgrading and configuring servers to get your ticketing systems to work, you can simply go to a web browser, login, and instantly be able to use what is a very complex bit of software,” continues Baggaley

“And of course, a cloud-based system means that an unlimited number of users can use the same application at the same time from different locations around the world.”

“That’s pretty exciting… and we look forward to discussing more at the Forum next March!”

PICTURED: a screenshot of Spektrix’s web based box office software
Images courtesy Spektrix




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