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New appointment for Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel for Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 has been further strengthened with the appointment of Phil Meredith, General Manager – EMEA, Vista Entertainment Systems.

A high-level networking and knowledge exchange event designed to address the specific needs of key executives engaged in the development of entertainment ticketing solutions, Ticketing Technology Forum will be launched in London (19 – 20 March 2013).

The content, programming and discussions for the inaugural Forum are being guided by the expert input of the Advisory Panel, which comprises a range of specialists from across the live entertainment ticketing industry.

Appointed with a special responsibility for the cinema sector, Phil Meredith joins existing Panel members Jo Michel (Manager, Michel Consultancy), Brian Dunphy (CEO, Stimare), Simon Klinkhamer (Founder, KB Group UK Ltd), Jake Grimley (Managing Director, Made Media), Michael Hauser (Managing Director, apareo) and Andrew McManus (IT Director, NEC Group / The Ticket Factory), as well as Panel Chair John Pinchbeck (Founder,

About Phil Meredith:

Phil Meredith is a senior executive with a successful track record in technology and business spanning 20+ years in the Cinema Industry in both international and domestic markets.

Operating with a popular leadership style, clarity of communication and a reputation for leading from the front, Phil serves as General Manager – EMEA for Vista Entertainment Solutions. Vista is one of the leading producers of software for the cinema market worldwide, reaching this position through creativity, great service & advanced technology.

“We are delighted to welcome Phil to the TTF Advisory Panel,” comments John Pinchbeck, Founder,, and Chair of the Advisory Panel.

“We are keen to explore the similarities and differences across all live (i.e. non home-based) entertainment sectors. Whilst there are some shared practices and even systems/suppliers across the Performing Arts, Sport and Visitor Attraction sectors, Cinema has tended to operate in isolation.”

But Cinema has lead the way in developing National portals and Mobile ticketing, and its work in Social ticketing is also of great interest to the rest of the industry.”

“Phil is the ideal representative of the Cinema sector having forged a long and varied career at the cutting edge of technology and service provision for some of the key Cinema industry players. We look forward to learning from Phil and to sharing our knowledge with him in return.”

Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 explores, debates and showcases the latest trends, innovations and technologies that will deliver the next generation of live entertainment ticketing solutions.




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