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Once again Xperiology is proud to support Play The Game – the conference that puts to question the essential issues in sport!

For the 8th time Play the Game invites you to engage in open, fact-based and constructive debates on a number of themes that are essential to the future of world sport. As always, the conference strives to be cutting edge in controversial policy issues such as the fight against doping, corruption and for better governance in sport, but Play the Game 2013 will also put focus on the development of grass-roots sport, mega-events and sports facilities.

The conference takes place in Aarhus, Denmark on 28-31 October 2013.

At Play the Game 2013 you can experience top leaders from world sport’s most powerful organisations engage in direct debate with some of their most competent critics among international media professionals, academics and practitioners.

FIFA-reform expert Mark Pieth, IOC member and former WADA president Dick Pound and top investigative journalists such as Declan Hill, Andrew Jennings and Jens Weinreich are among the keynote speakers at the conference, which can also present representatives from organisations such as Interpol, the World Lottery Association, Europol, EU, CAS, FIFA, WADA along with Russian and Brazilian corruption-hunters.

The full list of speakers can be found here

More than 300 journalists, scientists and sport officials from 30-40 countries are expected to join the conference and around 120 out of these will give presentations covering the themes of the conference.

  • Match-fixing: Fair game for gangsters?
  • Sports reforms: Fact or phantom?
  • The anti-doping dilemma: Saving sport, sacrificing athletes?
  • Recreational sport: A lost cause for sports organisations?
  • Sports facilities: Who are we building for?
  • From Russia to Rio: Power games or people’s games?
  • Open forum

A preliminary programme with more specific information on the content of this year’s conference is expected to be ready within the next few weeks.

Read more about the conference and sign up at

If you sign up before 23 August you will get the full conference, social events and meals at a special early bird discount rate. Sign up here

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