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New Website Launch!

It’s an exciting day at XP headquarters as today we finally launched our brand new Ticketing Technology Forum website!

We’ve worked for months and months with our favourite techie expert, Glen Wheeler, to create what we believe to be a fantastic new platform to shout about our knockout event.

Endless discussions were had about the benefits of various designs and structures for the site, but we knew above everything else we wanted the UX to be second to none.


We’ve stripped out all the unnecessary elements and trimmed all the information down into easily digestible portions. No one wants to spend their (precious) time filtering through wordy websites to find out the dates of an event, who’s speaking or how much it costs.

The end result is a clean, fresh and slick site – with great optimisation – where visitors can easily navigate through the information they need on Europe’s leading ticketing meeting.


It’s also so pretty that we just can’t stop looking at it!

We’re chuffed with our new site, but we always welcome comments, feedback and suggestions – let us know yours.


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