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We’re jammin… Hope you like jammin too

It’s a glorious day in the West Sussex countryside where XP headquarters is based, and today marks the first day that the team have reaped the benefits of the land – in the shape of crab apple jelly.


The kitchen garden is very nearly finished and the team cannot wait to start growing lots of lovely organic produce, but Ian got ahead of the game by harvesting the already existing crab apple trees and creating his own jelly. Interestingly, the finished product had a vibrant pink colour to it and the h0memade goods were smothered on pork ribs to create a delicious feast.


Not to be outdone, Angelina also tried her hand at some jam making at the weekend and the team were treated to a very special cream tea with homemade blackberry jam – well, we needed a little pick me up after the busy week we’ve had with registrations galore for TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit 2016 and launching a brand new website for Ticketing Technology Forum (phew!).


Hopefully it’s the first homegrown treat of many to come here at XP – we’re taking suggestions for what to try our hand at next.

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