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Fan Experience Forum

LOYALTY & REWARDS: Card-carrying Whitecaps’ fans reap the benefits

A ‘loyalty’ or ‘rewards’ programme is one way of ensuring that the engagement of fans is kept to a maximum. Rewarding fans for their interaction will improve the experience, enhance their level of engagement and encourage them to spend more.

Leading US sports teams are showing us just how this can be executed, with Major League Soccer (MLS) seemingly leading the way.

The most recent example of the implementation of a ‘rewards approach’ comes from the Vancouver Whitecaps, the first team in British Columbia to launch a loyalty scheme, the ‘Caps Card. But it’s not just the programme itself that has caught our eye, it’s the way the club has used its communication channels to educate fans, providing an excellent experience from the off.

At Fan Experience Forum 2013, we are delighted to welcome Bart Wiley, Director of Business Operations, Seattle Sounders who will describe how the loyalty approach fits into their business strategies and initiatives.

He will show how the Sounders have created a fan base of 32,000+ Season Ticket Holders and how they consistently sell out their 66,000 seat stadium.

For more information about the Loyalty solutions used by the Whitecaps and the Sounders, click here or see Green 4 Solutions at Fan Experience Forum 2013.


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