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#TBF TheTicketingBusiness Forum

INFOGRAPHIC: Forum audience has an App-etite for Mobile Engagement

The first fruits of Xperiology’s partnership with TapCrowd – the European market leader in the event app industry – are already appearing. Nearly 80% of the Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 audience downloaded the event’s Mobile App.

TTF13-RoomScreensDuring 2013 Xperiology will enrich all its UK events using TapCrowd’s mobile marketing platform. Attendees of Ticketing Technology Forum – Xperiology’s latest B2B new-launch event – in London have already reaped the benefits from the event app: e.g. creating a personal program from the sessions overview; using the digital conference bag; discover networking opportunities and drive interactivity through integration of social media feeds from Twitter and Facebook.

“This was our first foray into event-based Mobile Apps and we’re really pleased with the take-up and usage,” comments Ian Nuttall, Managing Director of Xperiology. “We received nearly 30% of our Feedback Forms via the App – and over 100 questions direct from delegates using the App during the Forum sessions. Clearly, there is an appetite for such services and we will develop this platform for our future events.”

Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 was a great conference,” says Brecht Fourneau, Founder of Tapcrowd. “We created an infographic with some mobile app usage statistics.”

Later this year, Xperiology’s TheStadiumBusiness Summit & Awards 2013 and AuditoriumsMeet 2013 will be supported with an enhanced mobile event app from TapCrowd which incorporates Live Q&A, a meeting/networking tool and Polling/Questionnaires.

Here’s the Infographic from Ticketing Technology Forum 2013. Thanks TapCrowd!



TTF13-APP-INFOGRAPHIC-from Tapcrowd-457