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How to survive man-flu…

The weekend came and went and in rolled Monday morning’s ugly head, and what better way to start the week than with a delightful case of man-flu. I’m not one to complain and perhaps in a large corporate environment it may have gone unnoticed, not here, not a chance. The team spotted it quicker than I had time to put the coffee on. From that moment on I knew it was going to be a long week. Nevertheless, undeterred by my setback, I continued to diligently market The LEVEL Summit in our hometown of Brighton in less than two weeks.

As the week has progressed there has been no sign of let off from this (deadly) bout of influenza, much to the annoyance of the team I’m sure. But, persevering with the knowledge the weekend is nigh and the Summit following close behind, it has been bearable (with copious amounts of tissues, and the occasional bit of sympathy thrown in from the team).

However, having heard a few sneezes from a couple of other Xperiologist’s yesterday I’m not sure anyone will particularly care about my dedication to the cause if I spread it round the office like wildfire.

Although, as long as the man sitting opposite me [the Co-Founder] doesn’t get ill, all will be forgiven. There’s one thing being ill, but passing in onto the rest of the team within the first two months of employment? That probably won’t go down to well.

My advice: stay at home, revel in the attention and drink Lemsip like it’s going out of fashion. Or, come to work, sit in the corner and pretend like you’re not there. I know what I’d rather do.. shame I didn’t do it.

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