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New Office Update: Floor Slab Going In

Two weeks into the barn conversion that will create Xperiology’s new HQ in Sussex and we’re learning a lot about construction.

Actually, it’s all quite timely as we host 65+ stadium project delegations in London next month for #TDS15.

Our budget is much more modest than your typical stadium and our project’s complexity is a fraction of your typical sports venue BUT we are taking key lessons with us:

• Go Green – wherever you can i.e.: ground source heat pump; natural insulation;  lime mortar; plant trees to offset build CO2; re-use timber, stone and other waste materials etc.;

• Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail – we’ve only another four weeks to go to scheduled completion so sticking with the plan is vital;

• Use Experienced/Trusted Contractors – there are lots of suppliers out there but pick one that has a track record in your sector/type of project.

• Have a Plan B – so true, especially when dealing with buildings that are 300+ years old. We discovered rot in the roof timbers so a new roof is needed but we were able to reallocate resources to groundworks and main floor slab preps at the same time, so no time has been lost;

• Manage Expectations – an experienced project manager once told us that his role is actually to manage the ‘project expectations gap’ i.e. the overambitious expectations of the client and their set budget vs those more practical considerations of the contractor who is trying to find a margin;

• Keep Friends – dialogue is so important, especially on a tight programme. We have two meetings a day to make decisions, overcome barriers and keep it all on track.

Four weeks from now and we’ll know if our approach has worked… or not!
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