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Home sweet home

Work began today to turn a picturesque former fire station into the new Xperiology HQ.

A leading ballet school in Storrington in the 1970’s.

Located in the quaint village of ‘Silicon Storrington’ – and after months of planning – today is the day the renovation begins to accommodate our Xperiologists for the foreseeable future. We’re all very excited.

Previously home to the first ever fire station in the area, the building took a new turn in the 1970’s becoming a leading ballet school.

Ian Nuttall, Co-Founder, Xperiology states, “I’m really happy with our new HQ. It’s absolutely perfect for Xperiology and symbolises what we are all about. We’re unique and different from the crowd, but ultimately that’s what sets us apart from the competiton and positions us as market leaders in our industry. We wanted an office with character and history. This building has both in abundance”.

Lizzie Etherington, Events Co-ordinator, enthuses: “It’s completely different to anything I’ve ever come across before, but that’s what excites me about the project the most! How many people can say their office is a former fire station?”

The renovation is scheduled for completion late October 2015. 



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