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Happy Birthday Tamara!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how excited you do or don’t get or how much you like to acknowledge it – everybody loves a bit of fuss on their birthday and today we wish happy birthday to our very own Tamara.

We give our team their birthdays off work (well, it’s only right) and so we surprised Tamara with a card, a few gifts and some of Josie’s homemade ‘muddy puddle’ cakes a little earlier in the week.

Josie blew out the candles a total of 6 times and Tamara was gifted with some life essentials including a selfie stick, which was a light hearted dig at a certain selfie-stick-swimming-pool-broken-phone incident… but we don’t talk about that. It still hurts.


We hope you have a lovely day off from marketing our world-class events, here’s to another successful year at XP!


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