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Driving to success

Waking up on a wet and windy Tuesday morning during winter is never an easy feat. However, realising you can merely jump in your car and drive to work does make the struggle of getting up somewhat easier. Unfortunately, I do not have this luxury – I cannot drive, yet.

For anyone that has ever had to commute to work using public transport, will understand the difficultly of not having your own mode of transport. Since starting Xperiology I have been reliant on both, trains and buses, every single day (I would also like to give a special mention to Xperiologists, Tamara and Lizzie for helping me with travel).

However, as of Wednesday 11th November this is [hopefully] set to change. This is the day I take my driving course [for the first time] and look to add to the ever congested roads which currently plague the country. In fact, I was so excited for the big day, I bought a car prior to my test. This investment came in the form of a small and friendly Renault Clio to assist me with my daily travels to Xperiology HQ. Whilst it may not be the most glamorous car on the market, as long as it saves me being reliant on others, it will do just fine.

With just over one week until the landmark day, the countdown has begun. Next week I will provide an update on my driving status and whether public transport will see my disgruntled face again. Until then, wish me luck…

*Update* Unfortunately, I did not pass on my first time. Ironically, I went to slow…I’m putting it down to nerves. My next attempt is 31 December. My mood ahead of the new year will be dependant on a 35 minute drive… Wish me luck (again!).

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