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DISCUSSION PAPER: Mobile Ticketing vs. the Secondary Market’s Power Brokers and Bots

Our fourth pre-Forum Discussion Paper is now available, on request.

Written by Advisory Panel Chair John Pinchbeck, the paper examines mobile ticketing; and explores the significant impact that mobile may soon have on some current Secondary Market practices…

Live entertainment ticketing is going mobile. There should be few doubts in anyone’s mind that before too long a high percentage of event tickets across all live entertainment sectors will be promoted, searched for, purchased, delivered and redeemed via mobile devices (i.e. handsets and tablets). For some elements of the Secondary Market this could have quite an impact…

The launch of the iPad in April ’10 was the catalyst for an inexorable shift in global sales of ‘internet devices’ from desk and laptop to mobile, and large sections of the population are becoming increasingly mobile savvy/centric. Customers (and third-party organisations) will come to expect and demand seamless mobile ticketing services.

Live entertainment ticketing is a perfect fit for mobile delivery, and many rights holders, venues, system suppliers and ticket agencies are starting to make good progress onto mobile platforms. There are still plenty of challenges ahead, particularly with regard to offering unified search and redemption across a wide range of disparate events, venues and systems (and of course the battles over mobile payment services which are currently raging across the tech, retail and banking industries).

But if the challenges for the mobile ticketing pioneers were mainly technological (coupled with user acceptance/adoption), the main challenges would now appear to be commercial and organisational. I’d like to leave these challenges for another Forum, and consider how some of the features of mobile ticketing could affect specific aspects of the Secondary Market…

*** Full discussion paper available on request ***




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