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AudienceView backing Ticketing Technology Forum

AudienceView, a leading provider of advanced and flexible ticketing services to 550+ venues worldwide, is the latest industry partner to back the inaugural Ticketing Technology Forum (19-20 March, London).

AudienceView provides a powerful e-commerce platform to the entertainment industry, including commercial and not-for-profit arts organizations, regional ticketing agencies, arenas, film festivals, college athletics, professional sports teams, and race tracks.

Designed with CRM at the core, AudienceView integrates ticketing/e-commerce, marketing, fundraising, content management, venue management and business analytics in a single, easy-to-use, web-based solution. It offers the ability to create unlimited online brands, control venue and event data, and interact directly with customers.

At Ticketing Technology Forum, AudienceView will present ‘Integrated Social, Mobile & Tablet Ticketing’ on Day One of the conference programme.

“We are excited to showcase our innovative, integrated solution for Ticketing Technology Forum attendees,” comments Jeff Koets, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AudienceView. “In a live, hands-on demo, delegates will complete a transaction to buy a ticket and reserve seats for a friend entirely within Facebook, take part in a real-time line-busting solution via tablet technology and experience the power of mobile-optimized web ticketing.”

The session will also demonstrate how 170+ event organizations are controlling their tickets and their brands, and providing impressive customer service in any medium with an integrated solution.

On Day Two, AudienceView will unveil another global first.

“Our latest solution, which remains confidential at this time, will transform worldwide entertainment commerce,” continues Koets. “We are excited to reveal this innovation in a live demo at the Ticketing Technology Forum in March.”

AudienceView has 170+ clients representing over 550 venues across five continents and manages upwards of 60-million tickets annually.




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