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Summer’s over and the start of the new school season is upon us. Back to school was always an exciting period which invariably included new sports kit and new stationery. Do you remember the buzz of the new pencil case with fancy new pens and, of course, the chance to start a new exercise book?

The Xperiology team is excited to start the Autumn term with a new set of tools too.

Over the Summer we migrated to a new CRM platform which promises* to deliver greater efficiencies in how we connect, communicate and coordinate our marketing efforts.

The new platform hooks into our email software (Mailchimp) and our accounting package (Xero) and brings all the data flows into a range of customisable cards on our dashboards.

As well as hosting the leading experts in the sports, entertainment and ticketing over the years, we’ve also been learning from them as they present and share their expertise at our events.

It’s early days for the new platform – and the migration is not something we’d like to do again anytime soon – but already we are seeing results. We’re getting ahead on our sales curves, commissioning speakers further in advance and cutting down on time-wasting potential clients that go cold – and instead focus our efforts on those who are moving at the right pace.

In short, we’ve been putting into practice what our guest speakers have been preaching for years.

* At the back of our minds is the lesson from a certain sports marketeer that “CRM is like an exercise bike”. How so? Well, you buy the bike at Christmas and expect it to change your life in the year ahead. But instead it sits in the corner of the room, gathering dust and perhaps even jumpers, coats etc as it doubles as a clothes rack.

Just like the new pens and protractors – and the exercise bike – CRM needs using. And it’s the team that needs to drive it forward. Otherwise its just three little letters that sound great but do nothing…

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