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Made to measure – Why site visits are so important

Last week we attended our final site visit of Wembley Stadium and Hilton Wembley the venues for this years TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit. Following two hours of meetings, 3 shots of caffeine and a dozen biscuits we were left with the mammoth task of measuring the dimensions of the marketplace after realising the venue had clearly mixed up imperial with metric. 

After Alex (our lovely Events Manager) made several calls to maintenance we were presented with a tape measure, paper, pencil and another boost of caffeine. I’m happy to confirm that all the plug and play pods fit (phew!!) and that the marketplace for this year is SOLD OUT (Yippeee!). 

What did I learn? That site visits are a MUST and that no matter how many calls and emails are exchanged there is nothing better than seeing a venue in person.
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