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ADVISORY PANEL: A Q&A with Jo Michel

In November, Jo Michel was announced as the latest addition to the Advisory Panel for Ticketing Technology Forum, with a responsibility for the Asia-Pacific region.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the Ticketing Industry in Australia and the UK, Jo has gathered a wealth of knowledge of Ticketing, CRM, Subscriptions, Fundraising, E-Marketing and CMS as they apply to venues, festivals, agencies and theatre companies.

Jo has had the pleasure of working with many prestigious organisations during her career, including Sydney Theatre Company, Edinburgh International Festival, Ensemble Theatre, SOCOG – Sydney 2000 Olympic Arts Festival, Australian Opera and The Adelaide Fringe.

In addition, Jo has experience with Software, Sales, Client Liaison, Business Development, System Planning and Change Management as well as an in-depth understanding of many ticketing systems, including Patron Edge (Blackbaud), Enta, AudienceView, Softix, Ticketmaster, and some bespoke systems such as FringeTix (Adelaide Fringe).

Ahead of the inaugural Forum next March, we caught up with Jo for a quick chat about Ticketing Technology Forum.

How has the ticketing sector evolved in recent years?
JM: One of the things that I’ve noticed over the years is that the reliance on technology has increased. I think that from a box office management point of view, when I first started it was about hard tickets… selling tickets, distributing tickets and tearing tickets. Now, ticketing is very much about the systems you employ to understand your customers, and your relationships with those customers, and understanding what else you can do to promote your organsition to the world. And all of these things use technology in one way shape or form. I find that quite exciting and very interesting.

What are the key challenges facing the industry?
JM: Well the cost of implementing new technologies is always a key challenge for organisations. People tend not to budget for change, and so many people are scared of making the wrong choices in terms of ticketing technology. But the more that we can actually provide relevant, credible and up to date information to people about what technologies are available out there, the easier it is to make decisions. Cost becomes much less of an argument when people can see the benefits that can be gained from either integrating systems that they already have in place, or expanding the systems that they have in place.

Why did you choose to get involved in Ticketing Technology Forum?
JM: As time’s gone on, I’ve become much more interested in what makes technology work within some organisations, and why some other organisations just don’t get it. As an individual, I’ve always tried to be forward thinking in making technology work for an organisation. So, the chance to look at what’s out there in the ticketing sector, how it’s being used, and the opportunity to discuss that with other people that are interested in the same thing is fantastic. Ticketing Technology Forum will be a really important inclusion to the year, a place for the discussion of innovation for the ticketing industry. I look forward to it!

Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 explores, debates and showcases the latest trends, innovations and technologies that will deliver the next generation of live entertainment ticketing solutions.




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