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PREVIEW: Select Your Own Seat on Mobile; making mobile a first-class experience

At Ticketing Technology Forum 2013, Jake Grimley (MD of Made Media, and a member of TTF’s Advisory Panel) will join the expert speaking line up to explain how Made Media brought Select Your Own Seat (SYOS) to mobile for The Sage… and why you should be considering it too.

An award-winning digital creative agency, Made Media helps clients in the Arts, Media and Advertising to connect with their audiences and do better business. In August 2012, Made launched the UK’s first SYOS website for mobile devices (pictured below) for The Sage, the music and arts centre based in Gateshead.

And, next March, Jake will join Day One of the programme for the inaugural Ticketing Technology Forum to discuss the challenges faced in developing and implementing the application… as well as eradicating some common myths relating to the mobile experience.

Explains Jake: “There’s a common perception that mobile is the ‘poor cousin’ of the desktop, and that users somehow expect an inferior experience on their mobile devices than they would on a desktop. Research shows, that’s not the case.”

“And for certain shows and events, customers are far more likely to use mobile devices than their desktop to purchase tickets and to interact with venues and rights holders.”

“Similarly, there’s also an assumption that solutions such as SYOS on mobile will be more complex, and that the UX will be necessarily poorer. In actuality, the usability tests we’ve conducted in developing the application suggest that the gestures involved in selecting a seat – such as zooming and pinching – are actually more natural on a mobile device than they are on a desktop.”

A sea-change in technologies

Of course, many existing SYOS solutions currently in the market will be built in Flash, and as such will not be compatible with mobile devices.

“As I’ll be showcasing at the Forum, the solutions we’ve implemented at the Sage are built on HTML5. We certainly expect to see a sea-change in the technologies used for these types of applications.”

“These really are exciting times for ticketing technology; I’m looking forward to discussing more in London next March.”

PICTURED: Select Your Own Seat in action at The Sage
Images courtesy Made Media

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