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Princess Party for our CFO

Customer experience is at the forefront of our business. We aim to provide the best service we can before, during and after our events.

This week at Xperiology we were treated to fantastic customer service at Joanna’s Tea Rooms, in Storrington for our CFO’s Josephina’s 2nd Birthday Party!untitled

From the get go – booking was easy and simple, followed up by a phone call to check all the arrangements were correct and to offer the extra little touches – a bottle of bubbly on the table for when we arrived, princess napkins and hats etc.

If we learnt anything it was that Tamara, our Head of Ops, is a bit of a pro at making Iggle piggle cakes, Callum likes wearing fairy wings and that even Karl can say he can’t eat any more!

What a fantastic afternoon – we’ll definitely be recommending Joanna’s and will be heading back very soon…

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