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Life without a smartphone

In todays modern society, the importance of a smartphone cannot be underestimated until the moment you are without one.

This week I lost my smartphone and it became very apparent how much I use it for simple, everyday tasks. Calculator? I use my smartphone. Music? I use my smartphone. Checking emails on the go? Social media? The list continues.

Smartphones have become so functional and efficient they are now imbedded in our everyday life. The size and power of a smartphone makes it almost like a miniature computer and in some cases faster than a computer.

From a business perspective, not being able to check emails on the move has been difficult, especially when arriving to the office with a full inbox each morning. In fact, I didn’t think it was going to impact me as much as it has – I certainly took my smartphone for granted. When I’m reunited with a new one later this week, I will appreciate it far more!

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