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Xperiology’s world of sports and entertainment in 2014

Planning marketing budgets? Xperiology’s calendar of world-class meetings and events for the global sports and entertainment sector is now available. Xperiology has released its roster for the 2014 events season, including dates and locations for:

Ticketing Technology Forum 2014
300+ executives at the forefront of ticketing innovation

Nordic Venue Forum 2014
200+ leaders of the region’s arena, theatre and multi-use venues

TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2014
The world’s largest dedicated meeting of owners, operators and developers of the world’s leading stadiums, arenas and major sport venues.

TheStadiumBusiness Awards 2014
50+ industry leaders, opinion-makers and worthy winners!

Premium Seat Seminar 2014
150+ directors of VIP, premium and hospitality in sports/entertainment

Fan Experience Forum 2014
200+ fan experience ‘engineers’ for sports venues and events

TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit 2014
300+ stadium/arena executives from new projects

Download the 2014 roster here

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